Tube Feeder-Sunburst


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Our Tube Feeders are made with our brand new colors! With bright tops these delightful hand-thrown birdhouse will invite a variety of songbirds to your backyard. These houses are made from our weather proof stoneware and can stay outside all year long. The birdhouses easy to clean and come with a sliding roof that protects birds and the seed from the elements and allows for easy cleaning and filling. These feeders boast 6 feeding ports and a hand-twisted and detailed ceramic tube.

These tube feeders are hung with a stainless steel cable and have a sliding roof and removable plug for easy cleaning and filling. The feeding ports accommodate a variety of songbird seed mixes. There is also a removable bottom plug that is a drain hole.

Available in 2 sizes and 11 color options:

Small: Measures 14″ tall and 2.5″ tube diameter

Large: Measures 15" tall and 3" tube diameter

Available in 11 Colors:

Blue/White-Frosty Blue
Purple/White-Grape Goodness
Red/White-Lunar Lava
Green/Red-Johnny AppleSeed
Orange/Red-Mango Madness
Yellow/Red-Cherry Bomb
Brown/Red-Cherry Chunk
Mint/Green-Sea Lion
Yellow/Orange-Yellow Leaf